Ground Preparation for our Architecture Rendering.

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    Firstly we'd like to form the piece of ground wherever the grass are going to be scattered. we have a tendency to build a plane surface a hundred 0cm x 1000cm with 100 length and dimension segments, apply associate degree Edit Poly modifier and that we build some push and pull paint deformations.

    This step can provide some realistic bumps, build our ground less flat and capture additional fascinating shadows. it's obvious that this system is followed not solely in plane surfaces however in any quite object (standard primitives, extended primitives, compound objects etc). we have a tendency to place conjointly a Corona Sun and a tree somewhere and fiddle till we discover fascinating shadows on the bottom. From Camera-&Standard-&Target we have a tendency to produce a regular 3ds soap camera targeting the bottom with about a hundred and seventy centimeters distance from the bottom. this can be additional or less a median height of human eye therefore it'll provide North American country the correct purpose of read.

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